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We provide innovative services for the arts professions, art galleries, event organizers to generate new revenues.

Artist Directory

Showcase Your Artistic Vision

Our Artist Directory is a beautifully curated space for artists to:

  • Present Your Work: Feature your finest art pieces in a personalized portfolio.
  • Tell Your Story: Inspire the community by sharing the narrative behind your creations.
  • Connect and Collaborate: Forge valuable connections for commissions, collaborations, and exhibitions.

Artista is more than a directory, it’s a vibrant ecosystem committed to enriching your artistic pursuits.

Art Gallery

A Global Stage for Your Gallery

Artista’s Art Gallery Directory is designed to:

  • Spotlight Exhibitions: Showcase current and upcoming exhibitions to a global audience.
  • Foster Discovery and Connection: Seamlessly connect galleries with art connoisseurs and collaborators.

Become an integral part of Artista’s community and witness your gallery’s influence expand.


Directly Connect with Art Enthusiasts

Artista’s online Shop platform empowers you to:

  • Engage with Collectors: Exhibit and sell your artwork directly to those who value it the most.
  • Craft Your Unique Brand: Take charge of your presentation and business narrative.
  • Amplify Your Reach: Utilize our targeted social media marketing to enhance your artwork’s visibility.

Step into the autonomy of Artista’s marketplace and watch as your creative brand thrives.


Experience the Excitement of the Auction

Elevate your artwork’s value with Artista’s Auction Services:

  • Widen Your Audience: Attract a diverse pool of collectors eager to bid on your pieces.
  • Benefit from Competitive Bidding: Watch as the true value of your artwork is realized and exceeded.
  • Establish Your Reputation: Gain recognition within an art market that celebrates and rewards originality.

Trigger the auction buzz and monetize your talent with Artista.

Delegate the Placement of Your Products

Expert Curation and Placement

With Artista, you can:

  • Free Up Your Time: Concentrate on creating while we handle the presentation of your work.
  • Ensure Optimized Exposure: Rely on our expertise to showcase your art in the best light possible.
  • Expand Your Sales: Reach a broader audience and increase revenue with our strategic product placement.

Elevate the Artista shopping experience with a service that’s as meticulous as your art.


Immerse in the Art Community

Artista’s Event Platform offers galleries:

  • Event Visibility: Highlight your gallery’s events, drawing in a passionate crowd.
  • Community Engagement: Build lasting connections within a network of art enthusiasts.
  • Strategic Promotion: Utilize our platform to boost attendance and engagement for your events.

Join us in creating a tapestry of events that celebrate the essence of art and community.

How Does It All Work

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