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Mission and Value

What is the purpose of artista?

Driven by an unconditional passion for the world of arts and entertainment, we aim to connect our talented local artists with the audience they so richly deserve. That’s why we created Artista. Efficient and transparent, Artista is a simple and intuitive platform that makes it easy for artists to meet their audiences, so that the arts scene in your region can flourish.
By bringing together dancers and singers, jugglers and magicians, painters and poets on the same platform, Artista creates an ever-expanding catalogue of artists with a double benefit: it increases the visibility of artists and makes it easier for the general public to find them. Whatever the occasion, Artista provides quick and easy access to the desired work or performance. The artists themselves are in the place they deserve, i.e. at the centre. In order to give them respect and consideration, we offer each of them the opportunity to appropriate a space for expression and visibility.
So, whether you are an artist or are looking for one, Artista will become your preferred intermediary.


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